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Using Contact Marketing solutions to produce critical contact with accounts and prospects.

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We create and implement Contact Marketing campaigns to help your sales team break through to more of their top accounts and prospects.

Strategy & Consulting

If you want to create and implement your own Contact Marketing strategies and campaigns, we’re ready to help.

Training & Speaking

Get your team up to speed with the Contact Marketing best practices and strategies, or add best-selling author and WSJ cartoonist Stu Heinecke to your speaker lineup.

Start with a dream.

You only need a few dozen of the right relationships to change the scale of your business, almost overnight.  Contact Marketing helps you focus on the people who can make the biggest difference to your success.

Identify your dream prospects.

Start with your Top 100 list, your global strategic accounts list.  Start with a dream, then identify the people who will become your next influential contacts, your next dream clients.

Let’s make your dream a reality.

We’ll help you with the expert development and implementation of a Contact Marketing program that will change your world.  Your reps will connect with more of the right people, people who may have been impossible to reach before will suddenly become accessible.

  This is reality. You weren’t dreaming.

Contact Marketing can be the quickest path to explosive growth.  From startups to Fortune 1000’s, companies can enjoy breathtaking leaps forward in revenues, in market share, in scale.

We’ll Help You To Grow Your Business

Contact Marketing produces metrics that are hard to believe, but even harder to ignore if you’re charged with finding ways to help your team penetrate more top accounts and score more sales.


Campaigns to as few as


Response Rates as High as


ROI as High as

Stu’s interview on Selling PowerTV

Stu joins Selling Power Magazine’s Publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwantner for a lively discussion of humor and cartoons in marketing, and the shocking metrics generated with Contact Marketing.   They also explore several stories of how marketers have used their audacity, wit and creativity to connect with people who changed their lives.
Find out how one rep used a pigeon to contact Steve Jobs and much more…

Books by Stu Heinecke

From the best-selling author, Wall Street Journal cartoonist and worl’s foremost expert on the use of cartoons in marketing, sales and advertising.

Drawing Attention

How to unleash the incredible power of cartoons…
According to readership surveys, cartoons are the best read and remembered part of any publication.  Here’s how to use them in your business… Order Now

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

The Untapped Selling Power of Contact Marketing
The hard part just got easy.  You can’t sell if you can’t reach your most important prospects.  Here’s how to connect with virtually anyone… Order Now

Big Fat Beautiful Head

A book of cartoons by Stu Heinecke
If you enjoy reading cartoons just for the fun of it–and who doesn’t here’s a collection of cartoons by Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke… Order Now

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