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Editorial readership surveys have long shown cartoons are almost always the best read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers. In fact, cartoons are one of the most powerful engagement devices in existence. The CartoonLink e-Mail Marketer program comes from 30 years and millions of dollars worth of test experience, and a long line of record-breaking campaigns for many of the world’s biggest direct marketers. In e-mail, our “cartoon device” tends to double open rates, which is good for you and it’s good for your clients.

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A Perfect Ten, Just For You

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Double Your Open Rates. Boost Client Engagement for Good.

We’ve seen cartoons do some pretty magical things. When we send them as postcards, they end up on refrigerator doors and office walls for years. In B2B missions, they achieve stunning penetration because secretaries and assistants don’t throw away cartoons about their bosses. We’ve used cartoons to reach Presidents, Prime Ministers, celebrities, and countless CEOs and top decision-makers. Cartoons really are the ultimate involvement and engagement devices. And in e-mail campaigns, that often translates into an initial doubling of open rates that sustains over multiple deliveries, as in drip campaigns. Our cartoon devices also promote bonus functionalities that contribute to viral pass-along and social media buzz.

But don’t take our word for it. Put it to the test for Free in your own campaign and see what engagement marketing is all about.

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Increase Your Marketing Results and ROI. Let’s Laugh All the Way to the Bank Together.

You’ve made the investment in your e-mail marketing. You’re already committed. So doesn’t it make sense to ensure more of your list members are opening your e-mails and engaging in your message? By adding our “cartoon device” to your campaign, you’re installing one of the world’s most powerful involvement devices. Add in the enhanced functionality it lends to your campaign, including more viral pass- along, monthly calendar print-out pages that put your brand and contact information on your clients’ office walls, and enhnced social media visibility and you get the sense that this is what engagement marketing is all about. And it is.

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Drawing Attention

Your Free e-Book Comes from this Book.

The "experts" used to say "Humor Doesn’t Work" in advertising and particularly in direct response. And they couldn’t have been more wrong. That’s what makes Drawing Attention author, Wall Street Journal cartoonist and CartoonLink Founder Stu Heinecke’s work with cartoons in direct response so historic and important to marketers everywhere. While David Ogilvy and others dismissed the use of humor, Stu was using it to set record after record for marketing response.

When you sign up for your Free test of our "cartoon device," you’ll receive an e-book that includes the introduction and chapter on using cartoons in e-mail marketing from Drawing Attention. The full book is available on Amazon and at other fine booksellers.

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